Looking Up Words the 'Old Fashion Way'

Modern technology makes it possible for us to look online for a word's meaning, but students earlier this week learned how to do it the old- fashioned way.

Five Trails Rotary Club members, with the help of the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow, gave out dictionaries Fort Caspar Academy third graders.

The Dictionary Kick-Off Program is an event where they visit local schools and give students a dictionary.

Rotary members said third grade is an age when kids begin learning the importance of words and when they begin using word choices in their speech and writing skills.

Chad Cundy, President of the Five Trails Rotary Club shared, "They're so excited about a dictionary. A lot of them don't get a dictionary anymore because everything is so online and they get something to take home and a lot of them don't have books. They're doing everything on digital."