Casper Police Chief and Detective Respond to Country's Violence

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How are our local police officers dealing with the country’s violence?
We've heard it all over the news, police involved violence that's happening around the country.

This year alone, 69 police officers have been killed in the line of duty and over 30 of those were shootings.

Casper police officers say they're fortunate to live in a community where people are supportive... But what's going on around the country is still on their minds.

“It starts making you think as a police officer I’m here to serve and protect you why are you wanting to harm me like this so it is kind of troubling as a police officer cause you know we're all good natured good heart of trying just to good things,” said Detective John Hatcher.
Casper police Chief Wetzel, says there's something called an 80 / 20 rule.

“We recognize that the majority of this community is truly supportive of what we do but there is that segment it may be a small segment that do not like us and you know my fear is with what we see going on nationally is that someone is going to be inspired or motivated to say hey now's the time for me to go commit a violent act against a police officer,” said Wetzel.

Police work with people day in and day out.

“All law enforcement officers go into this profession cause they want to serve and protect their communities and whether they've lived in em for a long time or someone a community they're new to that's the reason people go into law enforcement to be a part of the community and keep that community safe,” said Hatcher.