Local Businesses Booming in Casper

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As one of the largest cities in the state, Casper is a great reference to use when measuring the progress of the state.

Recently our city has been expanding in small businesses and the downtown development authority highlights that many are hopping on the train

"Right now what we're seeing is tremendous growth with the expansion and entrepreneurial spirit from Casper, says executive director Kevin Hawley.

Two businesses right next to each other saw what Hawley is seeing and took advantage of it.

"Saw the opportunity to move into this part of town and sort of renovate, and bring some new life into some of these really beautiful old buildings that have been ignored for such a long time," says Travis Winchell of Urban Bottle.

Previous jobs were also a reason to put businesses on hold as Arepa Barn Restaurant owner Vern Granger previously worked at Sinclair, but decided he and his wife would pursue what they've longed for.

"We decided to do the restaurant that my wife always wanted to do and here we are,” says Granger.

After traveling from Venezuela and California, Granger and his family are happy they've found success in Wyoming.

Kevin Hawley mentioned that the state has had its difficulties, but now is an opportune time to act.

“If people are interested in starting a business or ever thinking about starting a business, you're not crazy."