Little Known Facts To Keep In Mind With Landscaping

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When it comes to transforming our yards, we usually have a rough idea of how we want it done.
But, there are some things to avoid for a successful turn out.
If you want a yard that will make your neighbors jealous, some work needs to be done, whether we do it ourselves or hire a professional.

"A lot of landscapers with smaller companies tend to give their stuff away to get a start and, it winds up biting them because they have a lot of trouble raising their prices as time goes on,” stated Jon Willy, Owner of Xtreme Landscaping. “And a lot of them don't make it, because of that."

When hiring a professional landscaper, we usually trust their judgment. But, according to Expert Estate Advisor Tatjana Petreski, there are five things you may want to keep in mind when planning your yard project.

1. Don't use red mulch. It contains dangerous arsenic, to give it that red color.

2. Landscapers aren't responsible for your plants' health. Their job is to put them in the ground.

3. Unlicensed landscapers can get jobs daily, and it's up to us to ensure they’re legitimate.

4. If you want to do the labor, Landscapers can create a design.

5. Over watering your plants makes them weaker. Letting them go without for a bit, helps extend roots further into the ground.

There is one major thing to remember when hiring a professional to do the job.

"I would hope that people would take a look at their property and have a vision of what they would like to see done, and have sort of a goal in mind,” added Willy. “And then consult with their landscaper and figure out the process and budget towards the goal."

Although planting season is over, these ideas still work for future projects.
Willy mentions landscapers also have winter projects they help out with such as snow plowing.