Legislators Dove into the Supplemental Budget Bill

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The Supplemental Budget Bill is here and Monday legislators got to work going over each section of the proposed budget.

This bill proposes an additional 30 million dollars in cuts from the already 250 million cuts Governor Mead cut this summer.

Senator Bill Landen told News 13 the impact of this budget will be felt for a long time.

An impact of an extra 30 million dollars cut from this year's supplemental budget. In the 110 page bill, you see cut after cut to agency budgets as well as people.

Senator Landen said, “What we tried to do was eliminate positions that were vacated so that you could avoid, you know, pink slips and things like that.”

“I don't like the idea of cutting live bodies, I don't think we need to cut individuals,” said Senator John Hastert.

There's no growth represented in the bill, but some money was given back to certain programs.

“We did put some money back into our developmental preschools and to our mental health and substance abuse budget,” said Senator Landen.

Senator Hastert shared, “I was encouraged that we have a little bit back for the mental health because I was really worried about the cuts there.

The health budget makes up around 50 percent of the state's actual budget.

Almost one 133 million dollars were trimmed from the department's bottom line, plus a cut of 35 positions.

Landen, “The Department of Health budget is the one that will be felt back home because it affects everything from senior citizens to our developmental preschools, our developmental disabilities list.”

The Corrections Department, another major agency faces major cuts.

Almost 23 million dollars was taken from their budget with four positions cut.

“Our projected revenues are to come in in about 100 to 200 million under what our expenditures are,” stated Landen.

The Department of Education almost two and a half million dollars slashed, plus seven positions.

“Overall, the last year to year and a half, state budget has been cut by about twelve percent, so this has been a time of really reining in how fast the horse is running.

Senator Hastert doesn't like the idea of cutting positions.

Hastert, “I don't think we're in a position where we need to cut warm bodies yet.”

He expects a lot of debate on the Senate floor this week.

Senator Landen said this budget is similar to the budget fifteen years ago, a fact he says is very dramatic and shows the current financial situation is quite dire.