Learning the Basics Of Hunting

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Hunting is something we have done for generations. Fortunately we don't throw rocks and use clubs to hunt. This informative class gives anyone interested in hunting, a chance to learn what rules to follow and how to be safe when hunting.

"They’ve either hunted somewhere else or they're transient, in terms that they're new to Wyoming. Maybe they're an oil field worker or whatever,” said Justin Binfet, Casper Region Wildlife Management Coordinator. “They're new to Wyoming but they've never hunted here, or they've just thought about hunting their whole life but just never really gotten into it and they are just now taking an interest."

At Wyoming Game & Fish in Casper, staff presented attendees with resources, covering the basics of regulations and discussed the licensing process. Even though this wasn't considered a hunter's education course, it was a learning tool, giving everyone a better understanding on following the rules.

"What I hope is that we can take some of the intimidation out of having to learn all the different rules and regulations and then much less figuring out where you want to apply for your license and then ultimately where you can actually use that license," Binfet added.

Game & Fish staff hopes to continue educating everyone about hunting in Wyoming, reinforcing safe hunting habits.

If anyone is interested in learning more information about hunting in Wyoming from game and fish officials, you can visit their website https://wgfd.wyo.gov/ or call their office at (307)473-3400.