Learning History from a World War II Veteran

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Veteran's day is approaching.. But taking time to visit a veteran can be done any day of the year.

"We talked about this place. It's a veteran's museum. I am a veteran so I thought maybe I'd be a good fit for here,” said RSVP Volunteer Jack Kelly.

With programs designed to help keep older generations engaged in our communities...a sense of camaraderie is bound to develop.
"Seeing volunteers have an opportunity that excites them and having the opportunity to just be able to be out in the public and doing what they enjoy most," said RSVP Director Lisa Johnson.

Kids from kindergarten to seventh grade learned...not only different items about historic wars...but about personal stories and triumphs about world war two.

"This place has, and I’m talking about the whole complex, has a tremendous history that goes back to World War 2," mentions Kelly about the airport base.
As world war two vets like jack become scarce...taking a few moments listening to his and others' stories makes their day that much more enjoyable.

Curators look for ways to diversify their representations of those that served in wars...and encourage every one of all ages...races...and gender...to share their war stories.

For more information about the RSVP Volunteer Program…you can email Lisa Johnson at ljohnson@natronacounty_wy.gov