Lawmakers Met to Discuss The State of Wyoming Schools

CASPER, Wyo. Legislators and educators from across Wyoming met in Casper to discuss various topics, but concerns over safety took center stage.

While other topics were brought up, the issue of safety was the biggest one.

The discussion also brought up the possible use of classroom barricade devices.

"It is another step we can take in case of an emergency. It really doesn't hinder anything right now because it's not attached to the door necessarily. But it is something we can use in the case of an emergency." Explained Dave Barker of Fremont County School District #1.

Other superintendents have taken additional steps to keep classrooms safe.

School shooting trends across the country are a big part of the discussion.

"In this past year, we've had an assessment done on all of our buildings to see where we're at as far as trying to see if we need to do some things within each building to make them more secure. We're still going through that process, looking at our reports." said Barker.

Leaders day student and teacher safety is their top priority.

While Fremont County is implementing the barricade, at this time it is not known if other school districts will use them.