Landslide Repairs Delayed in Fremont County

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The landslide near the side of the highway between Riverton and Lander may not be fixed for another year.
The hill collapsed during the heavy rains and floods in May, meaning the money to fix the problem falls into the category of emergency relief funds.
A WYDOT spokesperson says they have to first come up with a plan to repair the hill before they can apply for federal money.
"Government entities can put in for this money but they have to put together a project to be able to tap into this extra federal funding. And that is basically what is going on in Fremont County where we had the 2016 floods in May." - Cody Beers, WYDOT Spokesperson

Securing federal funds can take up to a year; an example of this is how WYDOT employees are just now starting to repair areas in the Wind River Canyon affected by heavy rains in 2015.
The hill collapse is not considered a top priority because it is not directly interrupting the flow of traffic between Lander and Riverton.
WYDOT surveyors are also putting together projects for a small landslide In Sinks Canyon just outside of Lander and some bridges that were affected by the summer floods.