Lander Parking Problems

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It’s tourist season, and officials plan to strongly enforce downtown parking limits in Lander. Business owners opposed shared bike lanes saying it would limit parking for customers.

"I do not think that this is the right solution if it is taking away parking spaces and that sounds like what it’s doing so I can’t support that as a business owner."

Officials began investigating after noticing cars parked on the main street for long periods of time.

"We were marking tires and of course weren’t moved in that two are,” said Mayor Del McOmie of Lander. “They receive the morning and after that they received tickets and so because of that all of a sudden some of those parking problems went away"

The issue of limited parking emerged from business owners themselves.

"Business people and people that worked at different distances were parking on Main Street taking up the parking," continued McOmie.

Years ago, city officials removed downtown parking meters for multiple reasons, including maintenance cost and un-trustworthy meter collectors. But parking for more than two hours still has a price.

“Violation of this parking ordinance is a 10 dollar fine if not paid within 72 hours it doubles to 20 and if it’s ignored it could result to a 750 dollar fine.” Explains Duane Kaiser, the Public Information Officer of Lander Police Department.

Officials say there's a reason for the extreme measures.
"Following parking enforcement on main allows tourist and other Lander people, Riverton people, county people to come in town and shop and kind of gets Main Street freed up," said Kaiser.

"Tourism season and Wyoming I think it’s our second largest revenue producing producer behind the mineral industry and the fact of the matter is we got to be accommodating to our tourist and also helps merchants with their businesses," added McOmie.

Officials say this isn’t a reminder for just business owners and associates, but for visitors and residents as well. Two hour parking will be enforced on Main Street, Monday through Friday from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.