Lander Mayor Not Impressed with New Bike Lane Idea

Lander's Mayor expressed he is completely opposed to plans for bike lanes on Main Street.

Mayor McComie submitted his own public comment disagreeing with the project sharing less parking will be harmful for retail businesses.

He felt, a bike lane simply isn't safe for cyclists or motorists.

One major issue is when cars and bikes want to turn right at an intersection, who will have the right of way to make the turn first?

He's also worried about the idea that kids will use the bike lanes.

Mayor Del McComie, "I can't understand why in the word we even want to do it as a test, nobodies even talked about the little kids that will be able to use this lane that do not have all the awareness an adult is supposed to have and that really concerns me."

McComie also said, since the project will eliminate the middle turning lane, which is where snow plow crews put the snow.

If bike lanes became permanent it would turn Lander into a one way street during snow events, which he felt is totally unacceptable.