Lander Fire Engulfs Building; Families Displaced by the Blaze

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Lander fire investigators spent Monday (Aug. 1st) for the cause of a fire that morning on Main Street.

Lander resident Brian Jeffery, shared what he saw, “ As I was waking up this morning my roommate was leaving and about two minutes after he left I seen some pouring out of the top of the door and I opened the door and the whole corner of his room and the closet was just up in flames.”

Jeffery said the smoke filled the apartment making it impossible to see.

“I ran out the door and I banged on everybody’s door and I was screaming fire!”

Residents ran out the back door, some jumped out the window to safety.

“About five minutes later the whole hallway is engulfed with flames and I mean flames were just spitting out the back like a flame thrower.”

Michael Coyne, Lander’s Fire Chief told News 13, “The fire department got dispatched shortly before 8 am for a structure fire. Upon arrival we did have active heavy flames smoke through the building.”

Fire personnel assisted victims with minor injuries and the fire with help from local firefighters.

“We did have five fire departments that responded to this call. We had battalion one, three and ten. Riverton Fire Department also helped out along with Lander City Fire department.”

Since, fire fighters have put out the fire and remained on the scene through the day.

Multiple people lost their homes and Red Cross will be helping those residents.

Anyone displaced by the fire can go to the local police station for food clothes and financial assistance vouchers.