Lander Area Study Shows Roads Need Improvements

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The potential for development near Lander makes planning for safe roads essential.

There are two main sections of road needing widening or a center lane added.

Mayor’s Assistant RaJean Strube Fossen said “out towards Dubois and out towards Second Street those are higher volume traffics and higher speed traffics so the turning lane gets them out of your way.”

Fremont County Director of Planning Steve Baumann said “center turn lanes are universally understood to be an enhancement to traffic safety specifically because you remove those people who would otherwise stop traffic in one lane and cross the other traffic lane.”

There will be development along these two roads; it’s only a matter of time.

Baumann stated “North second for certain has got a significant amount of land that is either held by developers or by people who potentially could develop and it’s for sale. And it’s a desirable location on the edge of town so probably a good chance that there’s development in that area.”

Fossen mentioned “we’re looking at safety, safety of our people as the population grows and trying to get both cars pedestrians, bikes trying to get all those people out there into the town to use our city amenities.”

City and county officials want to hear from the community first, before construction actually begins.

Fossen said “the county and the city do not necessarily live on these roads, we’re not the people out there with the boots on the ground. So we’d like to hear from the public, any recommendations, do you think it will work, do you think it won’t work, do you have a better idea than us, it’s really important that we have that public comment.”

Baumann said “the idea is to listen to the people, we understand that there are traffic issues out there and they’ve all expressed that, not only now but prior to this study being begun, we want to listen to them, take into account their ideas.”

More homes mean more cars on the roads. That leads to higher accident risks, especially without turn lanes.

A public meeting was held at six pm Wednesday at Lander City Hall to hear the details of the plan and get public input on each idea before plans move forward.