Kyle Martin Sentenced

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CASPER, Wyo. Twenty-one-year-old Kyle Martin and an unknown accomplice broke into an elderly woman's home earlier this year, hit her in the head with a replica gun, tied her hands and ankles together with duct tape, and put her in the trunk of her own car.

They then led the police on a high-speed chase that ended up on a dirt road.

Judge Cathrine Wilking heard testimony from the lead investigator on the case, Anthony Stedillie, called to the stand by District Attorney Micheal Blonigan.

She also heard a victim impact statement from the victim's granddaughter.

"They had no intentions of bringing her back alive." She said.

Judge Wilkins considered Martin's extensive criminal history while sentencing and sentenced him to 75 years to life in the Wyoming State Penitentiary for aggravated kidnapping.

She also sentenced him to 20 to 25 years for aggravated burglary and robbery.

Prosecutors are considering asking for another hearing to discuss restitution payments for the victim's medical bills.