Kids Celebrate Thanksgiving by Eating Their Favorite Foods

As Thanksgiving approaches, families and kids plan to feast on their favorite foods.

We know what adults like, but news 13's Tyler Waggenspack asked kids about their plans for enjoying Thanksgiving food.

Thanksgiving, a time for being thankful, but let's be honest. It's also about enjoying good food.

"The kids get really excited and it's a real nice chance for them to eat together and see some members of the community that they usually don't get to see at school. So it just makes it even more exciting."

Exciting as kids eat their favorite food and enjoy time with friends. Russell says the kids love almost everything.

"They love turkey, they love anything sweet. I think they just like everything. Everything is kind of a new thing for them. They just like all of it."

And one Mills Elementary student likes a few thanksgiving foods himself.

"Some of my favorite thanksgiving food is the rolls, turkey, and mash potatoes, and cranberry sauce."

And that's not all.

"The pies, like the cherry, the apples."

And one fifth grader likes something different.

"The stuffing, and I like spending time with family.”

"You get to feast. Eat lots of food."

Besides the food, kids say spending time with family is also important.

"The reason why I like Thanksgiving is because it always rolls around my birthday and I have fun hanging out with my family and friends."

And being thankful for all they have.

Kids say they're excited to have time off from school and travel to see family.