Kicking Off the Ski Season in the Hogadon Ski Basin Lodge

The ski season has officially kicked off at the new Hogadon Lodge on Casper Mountain.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint attended the grand opening over the weekend and spoke with locals who are excited about the new building.
After four years and 16 months of construction, the new Hogadon Ski Basin Lodge is finally open.

Skiers were surprised about the different amenities it offers, like a commercial kitchen.

Hogadon Ski Basin Ski Area Manager Christopher Smith shared, “There are two floors of bathrooms that’s really nice; we have a small bar which was another big thing people wanted to have, they wanted to have after skiing have a drink after they ski and have a drink with their meals. The other good thing too is the rental and ski school facility being on ground level which makes it a lot easier for our guest to come up take a lesson; rent their equipment and walk right out on the slopes."

The dining and bar areas can hold almost 200 visitors.

City council members are also excited for what's in store.

They'll be able to host meetings, events and weddings now that it's open.

They believe ever dollar was well spent.

Casper City Mayor Kenyne Humphrey shared, “I believe we spent somewhere along six million dollars and it was tough to stay with that budget but we did it and we have an excellent product."

Many skiers are excited to hit the slopes soon.

John Giantonio commented, “I'm extraordinarily impressed with the new lodge. I'm very happy it was built and I’m looking to put a lot of runs in this season for sure."

Long time Casper mountain skier, Bob Kidd said the new additions are great, but he remembers when Hogadon was first opened many years ago.

"Hogadon was opened and was brand new and I would have been here opening day as a former rope tow skier this was the greatest thing you have ever seen when you were tired of riding on rope tows. So it was time to do this and have the community make a commitment and this will be here long into the future as a crown jewel for the city,” said Kidd.

"Friends of Hogadon,” and city officials were partners in funding the new lodge.