Kelly Walsh Dance Coach to Retire

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CASPER, Wyo. Eleven years ago Kelly Walsh did not have a dance team.

One senior knew there were talented girls at the school and begged her mom to coach the dance team.

"And I said okay I will until you find another coach, and that was 11 years ago." Said Tanya Sisneros, the retiring dance coach.

For the past eleven years with Sisneros as the coach, Kelly Walsh has placed at state every year.

Sisneros has coached for eleven years and only had a daughter on the team for five seasons.

"Not having a daughter on the team really doesn't matter because all the girls are my daughter they just you know they bring me so much joy." She explained.

"People don't realize how much coaches really do, and especially her. She went above and beyond and she put in so much day in and day out. She was at five am practices every day for eleven years." Said Devon Sisneros-Schulte, a choreographer for the team.

Both Sisneros and her team all said it's not about winning but about the bond they have made and being a cohesive team.

Because of all Sisneros has taught her girls, they continue showing support long after they graduate.

"Kelly Walsh dance team is like a culture. You know the alumni come back to help the parents past and present help the community support."

Sisneros has done her best to teach her team about being on time, responsibility, and life lessons, but after a team member died a couple of seasons ago, the team really proved to her how much they have learned from her.

"There is more to life than dance and there is a relationship and a bond that we make on the team and never take each other for granted because we love each other and we see each other every single morning but we don't know if there is going to be that one morning that we don't see each other." Said Morgan Jaquez, the senior Kelly Walsh Dance Team Captain.

Sisneros is planning on retiring after a good eleven-year run.