Keeping Spirits Up Since '96; Jason's Friends Foundation Continues to Support Families

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Jason's Friend Foundation was founded in 1996 and provides support to families in our community dealing with childhood cancer.

News 13's Jacquie Palizzi spoke with a family who has received help from the foundation.

Henry Iverson is like most first grade boys, except he won a battle with cancer.

Jenilee Iverson, Henry’s mother told News 13, “Henry was, diagnosed with cancer, Neuroblastoma and heard about Jason’s Friends and as someone group that helped people with financial needs or whatever needs they had as they went through the treatments and all the struggles that come with that."

Jason's foundation has many resources to help family through this tough process.

Lisa Eades, Jason’s Friends Foundation commented, “We've recently hit the four-point-four billion dollar mark of assistant that we have given to families. Currently working with 120 families that are enrolled and 96 of those families are actively involved with Jason’s Friends right now."

The foundation provides money to help with any non-medical bill a family might have.

Seth Iverson commented, “It was just easy. We were able to not have to worry about a lot of the financial struggles. We knew things were taken care of back home."

Henry taught his family a lot through his battle.

"The things he is commonly known for saying is, 'I can do hard things.' the other thing he is taught us is you are stronger than you think you are."

He's like every other elementary boy, he loves to be outside and play with Legos.

He even enjoys riding horses.

"I’ve only done it twice by myself, but three times because when I was little baby, my dad took me on horse,” shared Henry.

He loves his boots, but even more importantly, he'll be nine-month cancer free in April.

It hasn't been easy for any family battling similar obstacles.

"Not worrying about anything else. Just worrying about the basic needs of your family and that's enough and that's what you are to be doing at that time."

Every child going through this battle becomes stronger and touches every life they come in contact with.

There's still time to get a team together to compete in the Jason’s Friends Foundation Bowling Fundraiser this Saturday.