Keeping Kids Safe Around Guns

Around the nation accidental deaths and injuries can result from children getting their hands on guns.

News 13's Marella Porter gives us insight on gun safety and your children.

Every year 20,000 children are hospitalized from gunshot injuries which is also the leading cause of injury deaths for kids, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Across the country, one out of three home owners with kids, also have guns within the home.

The majority of accidental deaths involving guns and children are due to kids' getting their hands on guns and either accidentally shooting themselves or someone else.

Research shows that when it comes to parents being gun-owners 40 percent assume their kids don't know where their guns are kept and 22 percent believe their kids have never touched a gun.

Yet, kids are getting their hands on guns and pulling the trigger more often, which shows although they may not know where guns are kept... there is a chance they will be found, as 40 percent of unintentional child shooting deaths take place in the room where the gun is stored.
When it comes to kids and gun safety a major piece is education.
"I think the biggest thing is teaching your child safe ways and safe practices on shooting. So when you have your children out on the range or some place teach them safety," said Sgt. Aaron Shatto.
Rather than making guns taboo be open with your kids about it and educate them to safely handle guns.

Gunshop owner Brian Shain says if parents don't make guns a secret then the risk might be minimized.

"Don't hide it. Get the education for the kids. You know the saying curiousity killed the cat? Well, if you hide your guns from your kids their more curious about it. We don't hide kitchen knives and stuff like that.”
Shain says the more uncertainty a child has about guns the more curious they'll be.

Since Wyoming does not have a child access prevention law it makes it that much more of a duty for parents to take the proper precautions and educate children on gun safety.

Along with education, proper gun storage plays a major role in children's safety.