Keeping Casper Clean with"Scoop the Poop"

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Picking up after your pets is not a favorable conversation but Casper city officials say it is an important one.

"Scoop the Poop" is a campaign telling pet owners to take responsibility for their companions.

City officials say pet waste is dangerous to other pets if consumed.
Also pet wastes do not degrade like wild animal waste.

Officials say it’s due to the food we feed our pets.

Beth Andress with the Casper’s Parks and Recreational Department says "Pet waste doesn't really biodegradable naturally like other animal waste because of the foods we feed our pets. So it doesn't biodegradable quickly. So it does biodegradable just it takes a long period of time."

Andress says if pet waste is not properly discarded it can break down into our rivers and eventually our water system.

Andress says "Scoop the Poop" waste bags can be picked up at the City of Casper’s Service Center for free.