Kaycee Tornado Aftermath

Kaycee families are left to deal with the destruction caused by tornados last night.

News 13's Marella Porter shows us what damage was recorded in Kaycee.

Kaycee families feel lucky to be alive.

As storms swept through the state last night, some had no idea they were directly in a tornado's path.

"Crazy… unexpected... don't really have a tornado problem out here, until now. It's pretty crazy," said Chase Gosney.

They caught on when the sky turned gray and clouds began to form a funnel.

"I was real worried that it was gonna get to my grandma's house, but I’m glad that it didn't make it that far and I’m glad that it didn't get anyone else either."

As disbelief turns to reality, residents realized the power of the tornado that spun through Kaycee when they awakened this morning.

The Gosney family’s property was included in it's path, demolishing one of their trailers as the tornado ripped through town.

The Gosney's say moving forward they'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up debris strewn by the storm.

Neighbors called each other in the close-knit community and posted to social media, making sure everyone was safe and present.

Pam Kinchen says friends posted to Facebook, hoping she was safe as the tornado hovered over her home.

"All of a sudden it was just like something was sucking my house off the foundation and the walls of the house were just heaving back and forth. The trailer house that had been annihilated from their place just going and going," said Kinchen.

Some Kaycee residents don't believe the path made could've been caused by just one tornado, after seeing the destruction.

"I feel lucky to be alive, truthfully. You know you don't think that at the moment, but that close to it... we were all lucky. The Gosney's, everybody, we were all lucky."

Some believe their town was hit by at least three different twisters.

Despite the damage caused by the storm, there hasn't been any reported injuries in Kaycee so far.