Junior High Group Relive Heart Mountain Experience

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Thousands of Japanese-Americans were relocated after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Last year, sixth graders in Casper relived that journey themselves.

News 13's followed up with students to hear about their confusing and stressful early morning journey last March.

Many Japanese Americans were relocated to camps after the bombing.

One of them was at the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp in Powell.

Students who, "relived" those moments reflected on their journey.

One told News 13, “I was wondering how they could survive out here just without their families, just alone?”

Haily Kalus is one of many Centennial Junior High students who recall his confusing trip and wondering where it would end.

The nearly four hour ride home sparked many conversations.

"If I’m being honest, I was just thinking how crazy it was that I was still in my pajamas."

Students also remembered the trip moments before their interview.

Looking back, they said they're thankful it was only a simulation.

The students read, ‘Between Shades of Gray,’ then learning first-hand what the characters experienced.