Judge Dismisses Mills Lawsuit Against Natrona County School District

A Natrona County School Board decision to close the only school near Mills stands.

This morning a District Court Judge ruled in favor of the district ending a January lawsuit filed by Mills elected officials.

The suit was filed in January after the board decided to close Mountain View Elementary a school used by many Mills students.

A Natrona County Attorney told the court the town does not have enough evidence to show they or their residents were harmed by the closing of the school.

According to the school district attorney, Mills officials failed to illustrate how the town suffered after the closure and questioned who had been harmed.

They also questioned whether the courts should make that decision.
The Mills town attorney told the judge Mills is a growing city with no public school and the town's growth would be affected by lacking a public school.

He felt Mills parents and students are directly impacted by the closure and felt the district needs to provide a school in the area.

After hearing arguments the judge sided with the district and said Mills officials did not bring enough evidence to show how they were wronged by the district.

Mills' Mayor said he is disappointed by the ruling but has not given up yet.

"This whole situation is unfortunate and we as a counselor legal counsel will weigh our options moving forward and get the input from our residents,” said Mayor Seth Coleman.

He added that he plans to call a special town meeting later this week to discuss some of their next options.