Judge Denies Motion for Change of Venue in Cercy Trial; Trial Continues with Jury Selection

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After allegations of sexual assault rose last summer, Casper businessman Tony Cercy's trial began this morning following a motions hearing.

Fifty-five-year old Cercy is facing three charges of sexual assault of a twenty-year -old woman which reports say occurred at his Alcova Lake beach house in June.

This morning his week long trial began with a hearing presented by his team to change the venue of the trial.

His team of attorneys said there has been much media coverage around the case and presented the judge with forty-seven reports from local media sources about the trial.

They also said they have struggled to find an un-biased jury pool.

Judge Forgey denied the motion this morning, as more than seventy potential jurors waited for the chance to be a part of the jury.

The jury selection process is expected to run through the morning and then the trial will begin.

Court reports say Cercy took advantage of the woman while she was, “passed out" on his couch after consuming alcohol.

Cercy faces first, second and third degree sexual assault charges.