Joshua's Crafty Corner Opened in Atrium Plaza This Weekend

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CASPER, Wyo. Joshua's Storehouse and distribution center leaders opened Joshua's Crafty Corner Saturday.

"Crafting is just huge in Casper, well, I guess in Wyoming. You know... We have quilters guild. At some of our churches, we do prayer quilts... Things like that." Said Kim Perez of Joshua's Storehouse and Distribution Center CEO.

Perez decided to reward her volunteers bringing a weekly craft fair to Casper, allowing them to make and sell their goods.

"A couple of the volunteers that are over there, they work about 55 hours every single week for free. They're the ones that sort the food, work computers. They work hard." She said/

You can find crafts ranging from clothes, to quilts, to soaps, to purses made by those who love what they do."

"It puts me in the present moment and it helped me at a bad time."

She says crafting can help you too if you're struggling.

"People should start crafting. It really helps you. You know, if you're depressed it helps you get out of depression. And there's a lot of depressed people in this world so I think crafting really is a good therapy." Said Garnetta Barker, a crafter.

You make things, which can last a lifetime.

Joshua's Crafty Corner will be open every Saturday at Atrium Plaza from 10 am to 4 pm.