Jefferson Awards Nominee: Jerry Knight

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Pop In The Shop began when Jerry Knight saw the statistics of kids without dads; Ending up in jail, dropping out of school, and even committing suicide.

News 13s Justin Roth spent a Saturday morning with the program, and introduces you one of this years Jefferson Award Nominees.

The passion and emotion is real for Jerry Knight, "Our goal is to help break this fatherless-ness.....sorry..."

He started pop in the shop to give boys a father-like role model. one program participant Kristopher says, "He really is... He's kind of shown me what god can do. God can do amazing things for a lot of people"

The program is centered around their faith in God and one common passion. Kristopher adds, "It's orientated around car and vehicles we do a lot of work with classic cars."

Mentors volunteer to assist, the work they do is not only fun but helpful in allowing kids to become men. Jerry says, "The biggest reward is watching these kids grow some of them come in they don't want to talk to the other kids their quiet they don't speak much at all but by end of the day sometimes by the end of a couple months depending on the kid they all of a sudden have a bunch friends here they love to come back and can't wait to be here and that's...that's a great feeling."

Jerry may not know it but he's changing the lives of people other than the children he works with. Carl is one of the mentors he says, "Jerry all his life has been committed to his fellow man he is probably one of the most Christian people I've ever ever met and being around him he's changed my life completely."

Adding Jerry has become more than just a fellow mentor. "I've never met a more fine person than jerry. Never. I mean he just he's one of my best friends and I'm very proud to say that but I mean theirs nothing he wouldn't do for anybody."

It's the selflessness and drive that keeps him going the message is he wants to spread is simple and clear. Jerry says, "We need more men to be men to stand up and not run off when they have a baby you know not to ignore their kids but to take care of their kids."

But until that day comes he plans to volunteer and work to make Casper a better place for everyone.

Pop in the shop is always in need of mentors willing to volunteer their times to children.