Jefferson Award Nominee: Vickie Jasmann

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Casper, WY Many Jefferson Award nominees volunteer their time and effort to the community without a second thought. Vickie Jasmann continues helping as many people as she can despite having an incurable blood cancer. Some of us would use that as an excuse to slow down, but the former Marine refuses to let anything stop her.

"Once a Marine always a Marine," Jasmann said jokingly, yet seriously at the Cresent Moon Coffee Shop.

Jasmann Fostered about 200 children in a ten year period, two foreign exchange students, and even adopted one child as her own.

She Rarely takes a break from helping people around her. Even on Sunday, Jasmann sees an opportunity to help at Saint Mark's Episcopal Church.

"She has a presence about her that says what we're doing is important. Whatever it is that we're doing," says Reverend Schumard.

One thing she's always doing is choosing to live her life no matter what a cancer dictates.