Jackson Hole Hosts Global Tech. Summit with the Governor

New technology has found its way to Wyoming through Governor Matt Mead's Jackson Hole technology partnership.

Introducing new technology to Wyoming was Jackson Hole Global Technology Summit’s hot topic.

“We have hundreds of tech companies in the state of Wyoming right now and we know in a rural state that you have that connectivity not only for entertainment but for innovation for telemedicine for telecommuting,” said Governor Matt Mead.

The other topic: education.

Entrepreneur John Tempte, “We need to raise the profile of Wyoming in terms of you know things that are happening in Wyoming that are relevant to entrepreneurship and ecosystem.”

Plenty of ideas were discussed at the summit.

But one in particular gained the governor’s attention.

“The discussion about virtual takeoff landing vehicles now that’s sort of the, George Jetson thing and it's fun, its fast but it's also real.”

He said the advanced aircraft could help with things like wildfires, floods and water fertilization.

“That panel has not occurred yet but I’m very excited to hear about that because while it seems far out the fact of the matter is it is happening and with the changes that we've made in legislative last session and trying to set a groundwork for these companies to look at Wyoming as this is a great test ground this is the place to get this started.”

Other exciting advancements include advanced cable boxes.

"You can press the button anywhere. You can hide the box away even if you have a TV hung on the wall you can hide this box right behind the TV,”Entrepreneur John Tempte.

Another bonus, faster internet connections.

"A new customer or our existing customers sign up for service 100 meg. is what they’re going to get."

The speedy connection goes into effect later this year, but other technology advances will take more time.

This year’s summit brought in many new investors from around the world that could bring in new technology sooner than later.