It's Your Health Wyoming, Make Your Concerns Known!

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For anyone concerned about health issues, today was the opportunity to have your voice heard in Casper.

"We're interested in what the people think about access to healthy lifestyles, access to care; anything that's going to make our community better in Wyoming," said Kim Porter of Wyoming Business Council.

Department of Health staff and Wyoming Business Council members team up to understand what communities across the state are concerned about when it comes to health issues, and what solutions they feel are necessary.

"Our hope is to walk away with information that will help us to further understand what the community thinks about health issues, and potential solutions to those problems," mentioned Feliciana Turner of Wyoming Department of Health.

This also allowed people to see others' concerns, and help generate new ideas for creating a healthier environment for all.

"As we look at the results from the online surveys and the assessments that we've been to, then we can see what major overriding themes are and see how the business council can help to making improvements to our community," stated Porter.

If you weren't able to make it to tonight's get together, there is an alternative way to voice your concerns.

“There's an online survey with all of the same questions so that you can provide your input," mentioned Turner.

Two more events will take place this month, one in Sheridan on October 23rd at Studio Café, and the second in Gillette at the Recreation Center in the Canyon Room on October 24th. Both outreach events will take place 2-6:30 PM and an open forum for questions from 6:30-7:30 PM.

To fill out this survey, you can click on the link provided, located to the right under related links.