What Visitors Think of the New Seats at the Casper Events Center

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CASPER, Wyo. Events Center Staff heard so many complaints about the old seating, including patrons refusing to come back until better seating was put in.

They knew changes needed to be made for their customers.

"The new seats are four inches wider and three to four inches more with leg room depth depending on the on the floorboard." Said Brad Murphy, the Events Center General Manager.

He explained how visitors with long hair complained about their hair being pulled in the old seats as there was little to no leg room.

"They're very comfortable, there is lots of room you don't feel like you just sitting shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip with everybody they're a lot more comfortable."

Said Melanie Arima, an Events Center patron.

An enlightening change was the moving cup holder armrest.

"I have an injured left arm and a sore right arm from a previous injury at work and it defiantly helps that I can move the arm rest out of the way to make it more comfortable for my injured arms." Said Tonia Barwley, a visitor.

Opposer's to the new seating felt the previous seating adjustments were still new, as they were put in just seven years prior.

There are still some seats to be replaced in the upper levels.