It was Only a Test...but Not a Silent One

Some of us woke up yesterday to the sound of sirens, to our relief, it was only a test but is should have been silent.

News 13's explains the morning "malfunction," and how residents can stay updated during real emergencies.

Monday morning a routine silent siren test was anything but silent.

"Yeah I live in the downtown area and I’m really close to the siren and I was on a conference call about the time that it went off and when it went rippin, it went rippin loud,” said Casper resident Steve Jackson.

County residents took notice and Natrona County leaders explained what had happened.

NCSO Sgt. Aaron Shatto said, “The phones were going nonstop at the sheriff’s office when I walked in about 8:30 this morning. We informed them that it was a test and we also made sure that we've contacted everybody that left phone numbers we called them back as well."

Emergency Management staff performs the routine siren test every Monday.

The test is a silent internal diagnostic test to ensure all 36 Natrona county sirens work properly and are ready for emergencies.

Control heads inside emergency management's office and control the sirens; however a sound with the test, is not normal.

Natrona County Emergency Manager Lt. John Harlin told News 13, "Well the diagnostics tests are designed to be silent and they don’t function the audible portion of the siren. Today for some reason there was a malfunction that actually caused that audible tone to go out through all the sirens."

Sirens like this one pictured went off bright and early on Monday morning however during real emergency residents will receive up-to-date notifications to keep you and your family safe.

"Code red is a community notification system that we utilize here in Natrona County so basically you can go find it on Natrona County website, follow it up and you will see where it says code red, fill out the information and it gives you either a text message, voicemail or email to your cellular device to notify you encase of an emergency."

During a real emergency you will be notified.

Lieutenant Harlin says the malfunctions cause is uncertain.

Technicians are working to find the problem but he says it's not a safety risk.

Another test of the system will go off this afternoon at 2:00 pm. The test is to be a silent test.