Is Your Family Prepared for Unknown Disaster?

NATRONA COUNTY, Wyo. (KCWY) - A wildfire can strike at any time and officials said important to have a plan, not only for wildfires but in any emergency.

Natrona County Emergency Managers say families should make plans for various scenarios in case you are separated when disaster strikes.

By using a, Go Stay Kit to prepare, officials say it could save you time and your life.

Lt. Stewart Anderson, “What we call a go kit or a ready kit given several different names. Traditionally what we say have about 72 hours’ worth of supplies but any more were saying like five days’ worth of supplies and that’s food water medications which is often forgotten and don’t your pets."

While Go Stay Kit planners help organize important phone numbers, papers, photos and medication Anderson says having photos of important documents and of your home placed on a flash drive or an sd card, they could be beneficial for insurance purposes.

You can find the kit at the Natrona County Emergency Management Office in Casper.