Intermittent Fasting Could Help In Weight Loss

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CASPER, Wyo. With New Years approaching, one of the most popular resolutions we make is to lose weight or get back into shape.

However, what if completely cutting out your favorite foods and hitting the gym every day might not be the only way?

“Intermittent fasting is actually extremely safe um if you're eating everything in the tightest window possible during your day and that's just because your insulin isn't going to spike every time you eat.” Said Mariah Victoria, a participate in intermittent fasting.

What you eat doesn't have to change much.

It's how many meals you eat throughout the day and the amount of time you eat them.

You may wonder how intermittent fasting can help you lose weight if you're still eating the food you love.

“Your body is in this state of okay I'm not having a constant source of food as energy so I need to start releasing some natural chemicals that is going to preserve me and enable me to survive because it goes back to that state of hunter-gathering you know. Our bodies are adapted to survive without eating all day every day.” Explained John James, the CEO of Strong and Sexy Fit.

“Basically condensing the time you consume your food in every day your not spiking your insulin as much so there are also a lot of people who are able to get off of their type two diabetes medication because of the fasting schedule.” Said Victoria.

The only people who should not fast are pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

Those with an eating disorder can benefit from the fasting mindset.

“I personally diagnosed myself with binge eating disorder prior to starting this. So I would say that fasting has actually helped me gain control around food when I felt very out of control in the first place.” Explained Victoria.

The biggest misconception about intermittent fasting is people are starving themselves.

“So we're not intentionally making you eat less by having a less amount of time that you can eat but what we're doing is we're allowing your body's endocrine system to allow with your energy levels.” Explained James.

He advised allowing your body to adjust to your new eating schedule for about ten days before giving up, typically you begin to see results around two weeks.

If you plan on giving intermittent fasting a try, make sure to follow a guide or speak with your doctor for the correct steps.