Snow Fall Breaks Records at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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One of the snowiest winters on record drives hundreds of thousands of skiers to Jackson Hole.

So much snow fell on Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it broke records.

Anna Cole, JHMR Communications Manager shared, “Insane snow totals in December was not a record but it was the second best December in the resorts history, January again was a very deep month and February was the all-time deepest month for the Jackson Hole Resort in the history, the fifty year history of the mountain resort.”

Skier and season pass holder Steve Jones reported, “This is one of the best years we’ve ever had in Jackson Hole, I mean it’s been over 570 inches, deepest month ever in the month of February ever recorded for snowfall and yeah it’s just been amazing!”

A five day power outage means this year will approach, but not exceed record visitation numbers.

“We’re definitely going to be very close to some of our record years, we’re not going to reach a record visitation number just due to the fact of that power outage and we had a delayed opening so we’re looking at around 560-thousand skier visits,” said Cole.

“It’s been non-stop all season we’ve had tons of people, its finally starting to wind down we have almost a private mountain resort here today and yeah it’s been an amazing season.”

Cole added their focus on adding more beginner and intermediate courses and a training school have helped draw more families to the mountain.

“We have the facilities now to train people to become the better skiers, increase their skiing abilities so we’ve really been able to grow that market and its attributing to this growth in skier numbers too.”

As for non-tourists, the said it’s not just the amount of snow, it has been the quality that made this year better than previous years.

“I’ve been skiing here for twenty plus years and I will just say hands down one of the most memorable seasons we’ve ever had I mean it’s just been non-stop powder day after powder day and I hope we get more like it for sure,” said Jones.

The mountain officially closes today for the season.

They just opened a new gondola this year making for easier access to the intermediate and beginner slopes.