Increasing Class Sizes in Wyo Schools?

The money for education in Wyoming is in limbo, still.

Lawmakers won’t be back to work on allocations until later this week.

News 13’s Marella Porter shares some of their classroom size concerns as increases remain on the table.

Wyoming Legislators still need a solution to which both chambers can agree.

The Education Bill being pushed and pulled changes how the number of students is calculated, something that determines the amount of money school districts receive, along with the number of buses within a district’s fleet.

Some lawmakers say the bill does not address all students' needs, as it places a cap on special education funding, a key point in the house decision to vote “no” on the most recent bill changes.

With much on the table increasing class size troubles some lawmakers.

Representative John Freeman (D) Sweetwater County commented, “I’m kind of concerned with what they're trying to do with class size.”

Freeman says while absorbing more students per classroom may cut costs, there is a lot at stake when doing so.

“The other problem is if you raise the number of students in the classroom, the classroom determines how many assistant principals you have and that kind of stuff.”

During the interim consultants were hired to evaluate the state's school system to see where money could be saved.

Within the consultant’s report, increasing class size was a suggestion along with increasing teachers’ pay.

Sweetwater County (D) Senator Liisa Anelmi-Dalton commented, “My concern was what we tried to do in the senate on some of the different bills that were floating around on education was to say okay let’s do it sort of like an a la carte menu.”

Choosing one solution, but not others complementing that proposal, “and that’s not really very fair.”

The School Finance Bill must be resolved in committee before going back to the floor.

The House will meet again on Wednesday, the Senate on Thursday.