Immigration Debate Hits Home In Casper

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Many of us heard and saw the images of children around our country's southern border.

Our border with Mexico became a place of tears and heartache.

News 13's Justin Roth shows us what separating children from their parents can really do.

The recording is powerful, many people just wanting to come to the United States for a better life. Oscar Noyola hasn't seen his family for nearly six years. "We're all just trying to be together, you know, we're all just trying to be happy live a pretty decent life. Cause honestly it's not. That's one of the main reason a lot of people try to come over here, to be together over here, when they don't have to be separated."

Medical professional across the country were horrified by the news. Dr. Andy Dunn is a Casper are physician he says, "Health-care providers clinical staff we're all about protecting health safety of children safety of adults and so when you see things that can be considered adverse to protecting ones well being you're going to be upset you're going to want to say something about it."

News 13 reached out to former Casper physician and now Wyoming Senator John Barrasso who responded with the following statement;

“The United States has an obligation to secure our borders, and we need to do it with compassion for the children who, in many cases, are brought here without their choosing. I support emergency efforts in Congress to keep families together, remove legal barriers to swift processing and resolve asylum cases quickly."

Dr. Dunn adds this sort of event could affect a child's life in a very negative way. "That can set you up for long term devastating effects including PTSD, it's a big deal."

For many of these immigrants at the border, It's about improved measures, and family safety, Noyola adds, "What they don't understand is the main thing is they're trying to come over here work like i told you, safety is another concern that is happen down there so that's another main thing. But from my point of view, i understand there trying to keep the border safe but at the same time they don't realize there are keep a lot of people sheltered down there."

As for Oscar, he's still waiting for his family to legally make it into the United States. "There's quite a big difference between just speaking to them over the phone over video chat than it is being in front of them be actually able to hold them there's a pretty big difference."

Its a hug six years in the making, and Oscar's still waiting.

President Trump signed an Executive Order Wednesday reversing course and stopping family separations. The order does nothing for families already separated and family separations could resume in 20 days due Department of Justice regulations.