Hudson Residents Plan for the Worst; Hope for No Flooding

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Hudson residents prepared for possible major flooding over the weekend.

Snow-pack totals over 200 percent of normal have Hudson residents prepared for worse floods than last year.

Mike Anderson commented, “Being 200% this is higher than anything we’ve ever seen ever, and the last time we saw one that approximated it was 1973 or 1972 so it’s a big concern.”

“The one last may got right up to my bedroom wall an that’s as far as it went, I had a yard that was a lake and it got the underneath wet,” said Craig Waters.

Anderson said they’ve held sandbagging parties to make sure there’s enough to go around.

“About 35-hundred bags in our warehouse ready to go, over the next couple of weeks we’re going to try and fill that much or more with volunteer groups.”

Plans to reinforce the dike should start once the weather gets nicer.
“We’re also armoring the dike; we have our contracted construction group coming into firm it up and trim it up so we can put sandbags on the front of it.”

Even though they’ll be prepared, residents hope all their hard work won’t even be needed.

“I’m praying that the flood won’t even happen that it will come down just a little at a time, little at a time and we’ll be prepared but it just won’t happen.”

Some residents have already moved trailers to higher ground so in the case of flooding they still have somewhere to go.

Homeland Security sent 'smoke stompers' from the Department of Forestry to fill sandbags last week.

Anderson added they’re the hardest working group of guys he’s ever seen.