How to Stay Safe and Avoid Legal Trouble at Office Christmas Parties

CASPER, Wyo. Business owners will be preparing their holiday-themed parties as Christmas approaches.

While this is a celebration for employees, attorneys say it can turn into a big problem if we aren't careful.

One issue is excessive alcohol use.

A Wyoming statute says anyone serving alcohol to another person of legal age can't be sued if anything happens.

The statute is designed to protect anyone who is of legal age, which is 21 years or older.

Lawyers say just because that statute is in place, doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind.

"If you really want to be careful, you don't serve anyone more than two drinks. But the law on the subject says if you're 21 and you're drinking, you're the one who is responsible to take care of yourself. Now that isn't true in many states, but it is true in Wyoming." Said Dallas Laird, a local attorney.

Hanging mistletoe is a common occurrence around the holidays.

Recent high profile harassment cases make combining mistletoe and alcohol a poor idea.

"In today's environment, I would not recommend hanging mistletoe, because if your serving drinks to employees and you hang mistletoe, then you're encouraging, in some ways, what could be sexual harassment." Said Laird.

Even outside the office, this could result in serious legal problems.

Any person driving under the influence in Wyoming can face a fine and up to two years in prison.