How to Stay Safe This Halloween

CASPER, Wyo. Parents and children get those costumes ready before heading out to go trick or treating.

Neighborhoods can be packed as children go door to door.

While trick or treating can be a safe event, it isn't without risk.

Driving neighborhood streets will be tricky since it will be dark, and small children can be hard to see.

"A lot of times people think, 'Well, I'm only driving 20 miles per hour.'" Said Detective John Hatcher of the Casper Police Department. "That's too fast because a lot of times, these trick or theaters they dart out between cars because they're looking for the best candy out there."

A Casper fire captain says the words to remember this Halloween are "see and be seen".

If you are driving in neighborhoods, go slow and watch for children.

Pedestrians should take steps to be seen as well.

"You want to wear lighter color clothing in your costume so that your not blending in with the darkness. Because we already have a situation where we have a number of kids and its already dark outside. So wear a costume that is light in color that makes it a little bit easier to be seen." Explained Captain Pat McJunkin of the Casper Fire Department.

No rain or snow is expected to fall tonight, but temperatures will be cold.

"So that would be in layers. They're going to have to put some warm layers on underneath their costumes and have an appropriately sized costume that fits over those layers. So number one that we make sure that they stay warm and they're safe. And that, number two, everything fits well."

Police and firefighters will watch for any safety issues, but say it is important to do our part this Halloween.

Another tip is to check your child's candy to make sure no one has tampered with it.