How to Properly Install a Car-seat

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CASPER, Wyo. When it is cold outside, you obviously want to keep your child warm, and putting them in their car seat correctly contributes to that.

“If I can pinch it this way it's too loose so you can pinch it this way, but if you can pinch it this way you need to tighten it up. And with those heavy winter coats, you can't do that, you don't get it tight enough. So there's that gap that could potentially be there to where the shoulder straps could slip off the shoulders and if you're in a wreck the child could be in danger.” Demonstrated Bill Bohman of the Casper fire department.

One local mom of three said it can be hard having multiple kids in car seats, but it is doable.

“Yeah, it's a workout I can't imagine when you know people have younger or just it's a lot... Especially because it's cold out and you are trying to do this outside half the time. But yeah it has to be done. There's really no other option.” Said Trisha Henriksen.

She also said there are things she does if she doesn't have time to heat up the car first.

“Sometimes I also bring blankets from my house if I am not going to have time to warm-up the car you can always use a blanket or a thin jacket that's not a coat.”

Other advice from firefighters is to make sure your car seat is installed correctly.

“Check the car seat to make sure the latch system or the seatbelt they're using to secure it is tight because over time they can loosen up.” Said Bohman.

He also said to look for less than half an inch movement side to side.