How to Look Out for a Stroke

CASPER, Wyo. Strokes can occur anytime and without warning, causing permanent damage or death.

Prevention strategies are rising following the recent death of actor luke perry.

Strokes can cause damage in just 90 minutes if left untreated.

There are factors that increase the risk of a stroke.

"Salt can cause really high pressure. Alcohol can cause atrial fibrillation that can cause a stroke. And bad habits. When you have bad habits, you have high blood pressure." Explained Dr. Michel Skaf.

Strokes occur when a clot develops inside a blood vessel or when one ruptures.

They are dangerous since there are few warning signs for a stroke.

Doctors say they can happen to anyone, even though older patients have a higher risk.

"Strokes can actually happen to anyone. But certainly, people that have complicated medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, those people are at a much higher risk. Especially with smoking, it increases the risk of having a stroke." Said Dr. Robert Day.

Doctors say to follow the "fast" method- face, arm, speech, and time- when looking for a stroke.

Check for an uneven face, if one arm is numb, if speech becomes slurred and call 9-1-1 immediately.

Getting help quickly increases the chance of stroke recovery.