Elderly Citizens Are Susceptible to Scams

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CASPER, Wyo. "We see a lot of scams that are associated with the Internet. People meeting with people online thinking that the person is in love with them...thinking that the person needs help and they'll generally attempt to send money." Said Christine Wolfe, the Hilltop National bank Vice President.

And it's not always strangers online.

Family members and guardians sometimes take something which isn't theirs.

"Folks think they're entitled to their inheritance now...the rationalization...well...you know...Medicare is just going to take it all and things like that. You can't get your estate ahead of time." Explained Mike Blonigen, the Natrona County District Attorney.

A common scam is someone calling claiming to be from the IRS and asking for money.

The IRS does not call us.

Blonigen says do not send someone money over the phone.

He also has a stern warning for people thinking of scamming the elderly.

"We see people go to the penitentiary for these crimes, okay? This isn't a slap on the wrist and go forth and sin no more. This is very serious and the likelihood you're going to end up behind bars is good."

He says once this type of fraud is reported, it is generally easy to prove because of bank records.

Blonigen says the elderly are more susceptible because they lose the ability to make decisions as they age.