How to Deal With Seasonal Depression

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CASPER, Wyo. "When the camera's off it's just right back to doom and gloom, unfortunately." Said Drew Narsutis.

Meteorologist Drew Narustis is one of many people who has struggled with depression and someone who feels it is worse in the winter.

"I start getting down and stuff and usually associate that with the change in the weather It feels like it's been so cold for so long, it's been so cloudy for long that you know it almost feels like the sun is never going to come back out some days." He explained.

Doctors say when the chemicals in our brain get out of balance, that's when we feel depressed.

"One of the things that can help a person feel less depressed is physical activity. The trouble with that is that sometimes if you're feeling depressed it's those chemicals that are keeping you from wanting to get up and move." Said Dr. Bucnker.

He says if you start feeling symptoms of depression especially in the winter you can seek help.

"Medication is definitely a part of it counseling is part of it. A lot of studies show the combination of both of these is more effective than either one alone." He explained.

Drew also explained his personal advice.

"Rely on people rely on friends rely on our family very very important definitely seek help professionally as well. There's a huge stigma around getting psychologist or psychiatrist or a counselor to talk to on a rainy day and sometimes all you need is someone to talk to."

Narustis added it was very helpful for him to talk to a professional in college.