How to Be Prepared for an Avalanche

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CASPER, Wyo. Snow machines have more horsepower than some cars and can take you places that no one has gone before.

Including dangerous places.

"We've got some early snow that really getting people excited," Said Austin Griess of Alpine Motorsports.

Agility, aggressive tracks, high tech suspension, and raw power make these new machines absolutely amazing.

"Have the capability of getting to places very experienced riders in the past were the only ones getting to."

But the areas they can take you, the backcountry is prone to avalanches.

Here is how to prepare for the worst.

There are new beacons. What you do is activate it, and with the other tracking devices, they can find you.

There are also high powered walky-talky sets.

Probes are also a good thing to have if you need to get down into the snow.

The multifunction tool that serves as a shovel among other things is a necessity.

If someone is buried alive, this is the way to dig them out.

The avalanche safety gear can cost between a thousand and fifteen hundred dollars, but it is good insurance.

Safety in the snowmobile industry is more important than ever, so have fun and go fast- but make sure to be safe while doing so.