How WYDOT Keeps the Roads Safe During Winter

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CASPER, Wyo. Keeping streets drivable starts before a snowflake hits the ground.

Crews pre-treat road in the hours leading up to the snow.

"Basically the pre-treat is a salt-water mixture, okay. And we put that down right before the storm, right before we get the snow and all that, and it kind of helps with melting the snow and keeping the ice off the roads." Explained Jeff Goetz, the Wyoming Department of Transportation Spokesperson.

Once the snow starts falling, they switch to a salt and sand mixture to give the roads a little traction.

Even when the snow stops falling, you should still be careful on the roads as it can freeze and turn into ice.

"The evening hours, without all the cars driving by, those roads get really cold and that slush and water that that snow turned into then freezes over." Warned Meteorologist Drew Narsutis. "And if you thought snow didn't give you very good friction on the roads, ice gives your way worse friction."

If it gets bad enough, WYDOT officials will close the roads.

"Is it snowing faster than we can clear the road? Is it icy, you know? Is it just generally unsafe for people to be out there? Those are the factors that go into whether or not we close the road." Said Goetz.

If a road is closed, do not drive it or you will likely get stranded.

However, if you are already on a road when it is closed, you have permission to continue until you can reach a safe spot to stop.