How To Protect Your Property From Winter Damage

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CASPER, Wyo. The three historical major losses due to winter weather are roof ice damage, frozen pipes, and smoke and fire damage.

We're all pretty familiar with the steps to take in our climate, but to review do not use flames to defrost pipes and make sure your chimney is clean before starting the fireplace.

Dis[pose of ashes properly.

"It should be put in metal containers and moved away from the home when you dispose of ashes." Said Cheryl Froud, a State Farm agent.

Always keep your thermostat at least 55 degrees to avoid freezing pipes in your home.

Some roofs may require periodic snow removal.

"Hot air rises, so when it gets between your ceiling and your roof you have to be certain that you have proper insulation and proper ventilation so that the condensation doesn't form and cause ice dams in your gutters." Said Froud.

Like any other vehicle, snowmobiles should be insured.

"We recommend that you insure your snowmobile for physical damage, but it is also really important that you have liability coverage in case you were to injure someone else or damage property while riding your snowmobile."

It would be smart to continue coverage on any warm weather toys as well, even if they're in storage.

"Many things can happen during that time- theft, vandalism. Sometimes they are subject to fires so keeping your boat covered all the time is a good idea."

To avoid winter weather damages, you must expect the unexpected.

Homeowners should verify their insurance policy covers winter weather damage before it happens.