How To Keep Your Visits to the Gym Sanitary

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CASPER, Wyo. A local doctor says there are plenty of infections that can be transmitted from the skin to a fomite, or the mat or exercise equipment you use during your workout.

There are things such as athletes foot, a fungus, or ringworm, the same fungus only on the skin instead of the feet.

She says you can get the fungus in a variety of places all over the body.

It's not dangerous unless you have other health problems, but it can be annoying.

However, there are bacteria like strep or staph that can be serious and life-threatening.

"Methaslin resistant staph and that means we don't have antibiotics to treat them. And once they get inside.. not just on your skin they can spread throughout your body and they can be life-threatening." Said Dr. Shelley Springer of the Casper Children's Center.

Springer also says the best practice is to clean your equipment after using it, and alcohol is the best way to do that, but if nothing else a damp towel in useful.