How To Get Your New Years Fitness Resolution Off to a Safe Start

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CASPER, Wyo. Before you check into a health club, make sure you check in with your doctor first.

"It's always good to check with a physician if you have any health-related concerns just to make sure you doing the appropriate thing for your health." Said Phylicia Lipes of Casper Orthopedics.

Health Clubs are abundant and it's not easy to know your starting point.

"Personal trainers that can help, show you how to work the machines correctly, how to complete some of the exercises so you don't Injure your back- strain a muscle" Lipes explained.

Once you've landed at a health club you can start your fitness journey.

"Such a good vibe and a good start going they want to continue to strive and to reach certain goals that they have and have set for themselves and they become friends with other members here at the gym and they push one another." Said Sharina Butcher of Prana Fitness. "Even if you fail, then we get you back on track and you learn from your mistakes."

There are many gyms to choose from, some will even let you try them out before joining.