How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain This Holiday Season

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CASPER, Wyo. "It's all about having balance." Said Katie Houck.

Just five years ago, she weighed 265 pounds.

Now, she is a fitness coach and a nutritionist.

She advises drinking a lot of water, especially during the holidays.

She says it helps break down and digest our food.

“Be realistic. You are going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, some of us have two or three we come from big families or multiple families. Learn your satisfying level of hunger. Don't stuff yourself until you feel like you're going to vomit. A food coma is no fun for anybody.” She said.

Houck says if you do go past your limits, don't punish yourself the next day. That avoids getting into a bad cycle of binging.

Consider throughout the holiday season that it is a balance.

"Have the cookie, but remember that you probably need some protein then you just had a cookie. Really find that balance with the proteins, carbs, and fats. Just taking in carbs and fats is going to lead to just you are not going to be full."

She says she can get the protiens to fill you up in tons of different ways. From meats to beans.

When it comes to cooking the food, local chef Aaron Restad says there's healthier ways to make gravy rather than using bouillon cubes, which have a lot of trans-fats.

"If you can go with a vegetable broth or even just use the water the turkey was cooked in makes a good broth to make your gravies that way.."

Restad said we tend to overcook our vegetables.

"So if you can steam or roast your veggies. It keeps a lot of flavor in and a lot of the vitamins in."

He also says to make sure they check labels of creams to make sure they don't have too much oil.