How The Change in Route Affected the Parade

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CASPER, Wyo. The new Christmas parade route started on Yellowstone Highway near David Street Station.

Floats drove down Second Street and ended at Beech Street.

Casper police staff first recommended a change.

"Safety was a big factor with vehicles driving into the parade route at the conclusion of the summer parade." Explained Sgt. Jeff Bullard of the Casper Police Department. "The other factor was traffic and parking. Crossing First Street, which is a highway, on Center Street, which is also another highway, poses a lot of problems for traffic."

He says the new route also made parking easier.

"In the years past when they closed off the parade route, they also closed off the secondary streets outside of the parade route so there was no parking on those secondary streets."

But not everybody was thrilled with street closures on Small Business Saturday.

"After two-o'clock, no one could park on Second Street, at all, so that took away a tremendous amount of parking spaces for our customers. So, yes, it drew people to that event but people stopped coming into shops," said Kathy Edwards, the DCBA Vice President.

Last year streets closed at 4:00 pm.

Edwards says she hopes to work closely with police next year.

But overall, the feedback is pretty positive.

"The feedback that I've gotten has all been very positive. From people who were there spectating to the partner that we worked with everybody was just very happy with how the parade went."

He says there were no major incidents, and only two cars were towed before the event.